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Reader's Digest US - October 2021

Magazine Description
In an era of information overload, Reader's Digest offers something unique: the very best advice, information and inspiration from multiple sources, condensed into a consumer-friendly digest. Delivered 10 times a year, Reader's Digest brings you trusted, time-saving insights about health, personal finance, work, family, and national issues, plus exclusive book excerpts, news-making interviews, and humor

Issue Description
The New Truth About Cholesterol The latest research will help you keep your levels in check. By Bonnie Munday PET BESTIES Meet the winners of our first America’s Best Pet Pals contest. Warm fuzzies guaranteed! Run Over by a Speedboat An accident nearly killed Carter Viss. Healing from his injuries would be tough; forgiving the boat’s driver, even tougher. By Gary Stephen roSS