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Maxim US - July - August 2023

Magazine Description
Introducing Maxim US magazine, your ultimate guide to living life to the fullest. Maxim US is a dynamic publication that caters to the modern man, offering a diverse range of content to suit various interests. From style and fashion to fitness and entertainment, Maxim US covers it all with an unrivaled blend of sophistication and excitement. From its inception in 1995, Maxim has established itself as a leading authority on men's lifestyles, covering a wide range of topics that cater to modern man's desire for adventure, success, and sophistication. Within the pages of Maxim US, you'll discover the latest trends in fashion, grooming, and style. Immerse yourself in editorials that showcase the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, offering inspiration for cultivating your unique sense of personal style. Maxim US goes beyond fashion, delivering insightful articles on fitness, health, technology, and entrepreneurship. Explore expert advice on achieving peak physical performance, staying on top of the latest gadgets and innovations, and gaining valuable insights into the business world. Maxim US offers a glimpse into the world's most coveted travel destinations, sharing insider tips and recommendations for unforgettable experiences. Whether you seek breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, or secluded luxury retreats, Maxim US will ignite your wanderlust and inspire your next adventure. Subscribe to Maxim US and unlock a world of opulence, excitement, and limitless possibilities. Join a community of men who embrace the finer things in life and strive to make the most of every moment. Experience Maxim US, where luxury meets lifestyle and dreams become reality.

Issue Description
Wild ’N Out, Nick Cannon’s battle-rap and improv show has been taking the world of TV by storm, and we’ve got its sexiest star, Justina Valentine, on our July/August cover to cement her A-list status. That sets the tone for an issue that is full of beautiful things. Take our roundup of the world’s most desirable classic and collector motorcycles, for instance, and our similar survey of the fastest and most awesome F1 cars of the current season from Ferrari, Aston Martin and more. Also on the F1 front we have a Q&A with Red Bull superstar Sergio Perez. And rounding out the supercar coverage we drive the wicked new Bentley Flying Spur Speed. Shifting perspective, we reveal the coolest and most stylish new superyachts sailing the seven seas. In terms of profiles, you’ll read about sexy personal trainer Amanda Lee; model and designer Julia Shea Hamilton; influencer-on-the-rise Amanda Summer; celebrity chef in-the-making Kwame Onwuachi; and genius billionaire Elon Musk. We never disappoint when it comes to luxury travel either, and this month we bring you to the iconic Ocean Club in the Bahamas; the exotic, far-flung Galapagos islands; and the most beautiful bars in the world. And last but not least is a look at the work of photographer Davis Factor of Smashbox fame and his supermodel subjects.