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Women's Health - December 2021

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Women’s Health is the premier source of authoritative and inspirational content for today’s active woman. From fitness and nutrition advice to beauty and style secrets, we give you the tools you need to make positive changes in your life, starting now. Subscribe today and get access!

Issue Description
TRY OUR HEALTH GAME CHANGER TONIGHT The head-to-toe benefits of bath time will make you want to take it from a basic routine to a full-on ritual, promise. THE ANTI-BURNOUT BLUEPRINT ICYMI, everyone has a creativity reserve. Harnessing this untapped stash is a well-kept (no longer!) secret to a better you. HALLE BERRY The actress has fought to live life on her own terms. Now, she’s passing on those lessons and kicking serious ass in the new movie Bruised. (P.S. She starred in it and directed it, NBD!)

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