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Forbes - February 2021

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Beyond its famed lists, Forbes has a unique voice in its coverage of global business stories. Whether it’s reporting on the “next facebook” or scrutinizing a new tax law, Forbes covers stories with uncanny insight and conciseness that hurried business folks appreciate. Read Forbes today for rigorous, to-the-point business analysis

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The Outsider Frank Slootman doesn’t start companies. But no one in business history has a better track record of turning the ideas of others into jackpots. With $80 billion Snowflake, the biggest software IPO ever, he has rewritten the playbook. And now he’s sharing it. By Alex Konrad Cheat for Profit Students have always cheated, but the Covid-19-driven shift to online learning has turned a nagging problem into an epidemic. Meet superspreader Chegg, which has become the most valuable ed-tech company in America by connecting college students to test answers on demand. By Susan Adams

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