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Forbes US - October - November 2022

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Beyond its famed lists, Forbes has a unique voice in its coverage of global business stories. Whether it’s reporting on the “next facebook” or scrutinizing a new tax law, Forbes covers stories with uncanny insight and conciseness that hurried business folks appreciate. Read Forbes today for rigorous, to-the-point business analysis

Issue Description
THE FORBES 400 RICHEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE GREAT RECESSION, THE RICH GOT POORERTO THE TUNE OF $500 BILLION. THAT’S OPENED THE DOOR FOR 42 FRESH FACES IN THE COUNTRY’S MOST EXCLUSIVE CLUB. The Trump Files The former president’s legal troubles aren’t conned to Mar-a-Lago. At 40 Wall Street, New York’s attorney general is zeroing in on potential fraud. Donald Trump was worried enough last month that hepled the Fifth. Forbes might know why: We have additional information that puts him at the center of what seems to be driving the investigation. American Made Diane Hendricks had a child at age 17, worked as a Playboy Bunny to pay the bills, beat cancer twice and survived the tragic death of her husband before transforming herself into the nation’s most successful businesswoman. She has tripled her net worth in the last five years. Next:fixing the country’s schools and infrastructure before we red, white and blow it.