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Better Nutrition - September 2021

Magazine Description
The world's leading health food store shopping magazine. We deliver the latest natural health information and natural healing advice from the country's top natural health, nutrition, and lifestyle experts. Always look and feel your best naturally with the help of diet, nutritional supplements, and organic products.

Issue Description
5 Medicinal Mushrooms to Try Now Used for thousands of years in cultures from Greece to China, these potent fungi offer a vast range of therapeutic benefits, including enhancing immunity, improving cardiovascular health, promoting detoxification, boosting mood, improving digestion, and stimulating memory. Beat Depression & Anxiety with Food It seems as though we’re all overstressed these days, but something as simple as eating the right foods can have a profound affect on mood. Here, Dr. Drew Ramsey shares his dietary prescription for depression and anxiety, developed through years of clinical practice and dedicated research.

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